ThrowBack Thursday’s

Every Thursday I’m going to post a video from one old school female rapper.This week I chose Queen Latifah for those of you who don’t know she started out beat boxing in the group Ladies Fresh and was a member of the Flavour Unit. She released her first album at 19 (All hail the queen) in 1989. I could go on and on about her being a successful actress, her singing career, and being a Covergirl but those are things you probably already know. She has so many inspirational songs that uplift and empire women one of my favorites is U.N.I.T.Y, this song speaks volumes I feel like every girl in this generation should listen and take notes.

“Every time I hear a brother call a girl a bitch or a hoe 
Trying to make a sister feel low 
You know all of that gots to go”



Back Up Plan = Failure?


Last night I was on twitter and some of my followers were talking about how everyone wants to be a Rapper, Photographer, or Model. So I tweeted “What if being a rapper doesn’t work, What is your Plan B?” I got a couple of silly replies but then I received one that said ” If you need a back up plan you’ve already failed”. At first I really didn’t think too much about this but then others started agreeing with this tweet, and I started to wonder why?. When did having a Back Up plan become failure? Why was having a Back Up plan even associated with failure. They thought this because of the “Laws of Science” “What you put into the universe is what you get back”. Basically saying that creating a back up plan is putting out negative vibes because you’re constantly thinking “What If?” and not concentrating on your “Main Goal”. This is some what true a Back Up plan does contain a lot of What If’s but those What If’s aren’t negative they are just there just in case reality hits you. I believe in the Laws of Science, and being positive, But you can’t go through life thinking that the universe is going to automatically give you things back because you had a positive mindset. No one can control REALITY. The most successful people had at least one back up plan whether you know it or not and they still became successful. When Plan A doesn’t work, Have a Plan B.